JNUMC Summer Trek to Bhaba Pass

JNUMC summer trek 2009

JNUMC Bhaba Pass Trekking: Pictorial documentation

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JNUMC Bhaba Pass Trekking early June pictorial documentation

This blog is a pictorial documentation of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Mountaineering Club (JNUMC) summer trekking to Bhaba Pass in early June 2009. This documentation has been made by Vikas who was not a part of the trip. This has been done rather quickly and randomly and follows no organisation or order. I just got the photos from Bibek and put them up here. He intends to provide some textual details later about the awesome trekking. Please click on the links in the sidebar to browse and feel free to leave your comments on any page. The photos will take time in loading depending on your internet connection.

JNUMC Bhaba Pass trekking summer June 2009 JNU adventure